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Die Manufacturing & Repair in Cradley Heath

Based in Cradley Heath, we also offer die manufacturing and repair to a variety of surrounding areas. Contact Ghera CNC today to find out more about our services.

CNC milling

CNC milling is a complex process that involves using an enhanced cutting tool that will selectively remove material from a solid workpiece. The material is fastened to a secure table, which revolves on different planes to allow the cutting tool to operate on it at different angles. In addition to shaping, CNC milling can achieve notches, pockets and complex holes within the workpiece. Commonly, CNC milling is used to produce aerospace components and car parts but can be also used for a wide variety of purposes. Some of which includes woodworking or cabinet and instrument production. One of the biggest advantages of using CNC milling is that it allows high levels of production for any desired object. In addition to this, the process produces these objects at an incredibly high accuracy. So you can be rest assured that you’re receiving products that are precisely how you intended them to be. If you would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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Die manufacturing & repair

Die manufacturing and repair is another process that allows the high production of intricate, metal parts. The parts are made from using a reusable mould that is crafted to the specifications of your desired object. Under high pressure, molten metal is injected into a mould cavity and allowed to cool and form. Metals with a low boiling point are forced into specific dies which can allow complicated designs to be achieved. Most importantly, final products are achieved to the highest quality and standard. When die manufacturing and repair was first established, the main metals that were involved in the process were lead and tin, but zinc and aluminium were soon introduced as appropriate metals. Die manufacturing is a process that can be used for a variety of reasons, like for producing frames and cash registers.

Our team of specialists are always on hand to provide expert die manufacturing and repair in Cradley Heath and surrounding areas. Contact us today at or give us a call on 07570 576466.

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